Nordic AcroYoga Festival 2020 / Mundekulla

Nordic AcroYoga Festival

Mundekulla 27 June - 1 July 2019


AcroBhakti invites to AcroYoga Festival at wonderful Mundekulla eco-retreat center in the forest of southern Sweden. AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness and community.

There will be workshops for both beginners and experienced. All are welcome.
Come and share five days full of amazing festival atmosphere in beautiful surroundings. This is an alcohol and drug free event. Chocolate and cookies are welcome !


The festival is arranged by AcroBhakti in collaboration with Mundekulla.


Mundekulla is located in the southeastern forest of Sweden. A place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings. The whole facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.

361 95 Långasjö


Getting to the festival
It's easy to get to Mundekulla. On their website, they have several tips for your trip:

Carpool to Mundekulla
You can also share a ride by filling this form (only in swedish):


55+ workshops with 30+ international teachers.
All levels happening in parallel (basic to advanced).
Workshops in AcroYoga, Yoga, Thai Massage and more...

16:00 Arrival

18:30-19.15 Dinner
20:30-22:30 Opening Ceremony


, Sunday
07:00-08:30 Morning yoga
08:30-09.15 Breakfast

10:00-12:00 Workshop: acroyoga, yoga, thai massage, dance
12:30-13.15 Lunch

14:30-16:30 Workshop: acroyoga, yoga, thai massage, dance
16:45-18:15 Workshop, Jam or Sauna in Mundekulla's woodheated sauna
18:30-19.15 Dinner
20:30-22:30 Evening program: party with mantras singing, dancing, music, open stage

07:00-08:30 Morning yoga
08:30-09.15 Breakfast
10:00-12:00 Workshop: acroyoga, yoga, thai massage, dance
12:30-13.15 Lunch

14:30-16:00 Closing Ceremony

>> Continuation with the retreat (read more here)

(Subject to change)

More info coming soon!


More infocoming soon!


Festival Ticket
The festival ticket includes camping space and organic vegetarian food.
• Early bird 1 (before January 1): 3250 SEK / € 315
• Early bird 2 (before March 1): 3400 SEK / € 330
• Early bird 3 (before May 1): 3650 SEK / € 355
• Late bird (after May 1): 3950 SEK / € 385
• Kid 0-3: 400 SEK / € 40 (includes food and extra mattress for the room)
• Kid 4-14: 1000 SEK / € 100 (includes food and extra mattress for the room)
(No planned activities for children, but they usually gather and play together)
Calculate the rate around 100 SEK ≈ € 9.7

Camping space is included. If you want you can book a dormitory or a private room for an additional cost. The number of rooms is limited so book early to secure your place. ♥

Prices per person for housing during the whole festival:
X) +0 SEK - camp space (bring your own camping equipment)
A) +350 SEK - camper or car place (including electricity)
B) +350 SEK - shared dormitory (including mattress, pillow and blanket)
C) +550 SEK - dormitory in alcove (including mattress, pillow and blanket)
D) +550 SEK - bed in viking house (including pillow and blanket)
E) +800 SEK - bed in 3-bedroom
F) +900 SEK - bed in 2-bedroom
G) +900 SEK - bed in 4-bedroom with private shower and toilet
H) +1500 SEK - bed in 2-bedroom with private shower and toilet
I) +1500 SEK - bed in 1-bedroom
J) +2100 SEK - bed in 1-bedroom with private shower and toilet

For all the indoor options you need to bring towels and bed sheets, or you can..
+125 SEK - add towels and bed sheets
And if you don't want to clean your room after leaving you can..
+225 SEK - add cleaning service after departure

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation 60 days before the start regain the full amount subtracting an administration fee of 280 SEK. Cancellation 30 days before the start regain 50% of the paid amount. After that there is no refund. We recommend to try to resell the ticket within your community or use the resell page from tickster. Cancellation must be done writing to

Send an email to:

Get your place for the festival in tickster.


The work for volunteers is helping with cleaning, dishes and similar things. The amount of work is about 10 hours during the festival, which is around 2½ hours a day.

In exchange we offer a reduced price: 2350 SEK (regular price 3950 SEK). This price includes the organic food and camping space. The amount of volunteers is limited, and it depends on the amount of participants. More signups, then more volunteers needed. The signups for volunteers will be collected in a list sorted by chronological order. We will prioritise that order and the previous experience as volunteer. Note: There is NO refund in case of cancelation.

If you are interested in this option please write us an email to:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I need to have experience to participate in this festival?
NO. You can come as a completely beginner. There will be workshops for all levels. Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced. Everybody welcome.

Do I need to come with a partner to the workshops?
NO. We work with all the people creating groups with different numbers. Very normal to work in groups of 3. If you have a friend which you really want to work with, well.. even better!

Can I have privacy in a shared dormitory/room?
Maybe. It is dependent on your roommates. We cannot either guarantee a dormitory with only girls or only boys. We organize the bedrooms with the reality of the event. If you want to be with your partner we suggest to book a double room, or a single room if you want to be alone.

What happen if I am alone and I book a double room?
We will organize the rooms so there is no empty beds left. There will be no distinction of gender in that order. Book a single room if you want to be alone, or bring a frind!.

Do I need to pay for the food when I am in the festival?
NO. The food is included in the price of the ticket. So you just come and enjoy. The food is vegetarian and mostly with organic products (+80%). There will be abundant food because we know that AcroYogis consume more energy than the standard.

I am vegan. Do I need to be worried about my food for the festival?
NO. The milk & egg products are not mixed with the food. They are presented as side dishes... so you can have your vegan meal :)

I don't speak Swedish... can I enjoy the festival anyway?
YES. The workshops are going to be leaded by international teachers. The main language will be English. And because of geographical reasons, the second option will be a mix of Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finish...

Can I participate with physical limitations?
Basically, the participation is entirely at your own responsibility. Advanced acrobatics workshops or an intense morning yoga class are only partial aspects of AcroYoga. Equally important are thai yoga massage, therapeutic flying, singing and gathering. These offers may be for the vast majority of people. No one is excluded because of his physical health and can still have a good time in the festival.

Am I going to have free time for JAM?
YES. Jamming is an essential part of AcroYoga. It is in the schedule free time for jamming every day. Yes, EVERY DAY.

If I stay in tent, can I use the showers?
There are common showers and toilets for everyone who stay in tent. No extra cost. There is also a sauna to share with you all !

I am quite busy.. can I come for the weekend only?
YES. We adjust the price depending on the time you can join. Write us an email and we try to find a deal for you.

How do I get to Mundekulla departing from my city?
The best way is to follow Mundekulla's advice. Check here for details:

I am going with car, can I share the ride with somebody?
Please share your rides in the Facebook group for travellers:

What if it rains?
All the workshops are programmed to be indoors, so no workshop cancellations. For the "festival life" in the nature we recommend to bring a rain poncho, just in case :)

Can I bring the whole family?
Everybody is welcome to join. But is good to say that there are not going to be planned activities for children. So as a parent you need to take care of your child during the workshop sessions.

Can I bring my pet? dogs? cats? birds? spiders? snakes?
Nope. No pets allowed in the retreat center. Even if they are part of your family :)

What to bring?
- If you stay in tent, well… bring a tent :)
- Towels & bed clothes (you can rent towels & bed clothes for 100 SEK/set)
- Trees & Elves flying friendly costumes for sunday night party!
- Yoga mat (not enough for everyone, no rental available)
- Drinking bottle
- Comfortable clothes for the practices
- Something warm for the evenings/nights (it can be cold even in summer)
- Ear plugs (for sensitive sleepers)
- Flashlight
- Mosquito repellent
- Rain poncho (you know… Swedish summer full of surprises)
- There is a sauna, bring a sitting towel if you want to go in.
- There is a pond, bring whatever you need if you want to swim.
- Sweets: chocolate, cookies :)
- Music instruments! guitar, flute, bells, drums, etc…
- Bring CASH for buying snacks if you are interested.
- Curiosity, openness and wings to fly with.

My question is not answered by this FAQs... what can I do?
Okay, don't panic... write to us and we will help you ASAP:

Nina & Boris
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