AcroNerds Washing Machines / Göteborg

AcroNerds Washing Machines

6 of October / 2017 • Göteborg - Sweden

A combination theory and practice of classic washing machines.

Bring a new way of thinking the movements. Food for the body and the brain. And of course, to have fun in the process!

The level is "intermediate". Familiarized basing OR flying AND spotting: ninja star, four steps. If you are "advanced" then you might be interested in the break-down of the movements, the theory behind, and how to hold the space.

6th October / 17:30-20:00 hs
Arrive 15 minutes before so we can start on time.
After the workshop we can all stay and continue practising/jamming on the same location.

Falkgatan 7 (Stora salen: "storan")
Göteborg, Sweden

150 SEK students / low income
200 SEK regular price
>> Just notice that we can offer these low prices because we are not paying rent!

Write: "AcroNerdGBG" in the message ;)
Swish: 0730882228
Bankgiro: 5035-1923
Cash on the same day.
>> Please let me know if you need more economic help to join this workshop.

See you on the air!


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