AcroBhakti Teacher Training 2018 / Mundekulla

AcroBhakti Teacher Training

Empower through AcroYoga

Heartshaped AcroYoga

Creative yoga, acrobatics and massage

• Challenge with mindful acrobatics.
• Connect with yogic presence.
• Communicate with healing touch.

Empower yourself and others!

Characteristics of this training

✰ Yogic philosophy applied to pedagogy.
✰ Physics principles applied to acrobatics.
✰ Develop your own style and define personal vision.
✰ Humility, integrity and authenticity in the teaching role.
✰ Channel energy to Metta.
✰ Teach in a creative way based on universal principles.
✰ Time to practice and time to teach.
✰ Teaching situations, problems and solutions, business, formats, etc.
✰ Drug free / alcohol free.

Immerse yourself in the craft of teaching acroyoga

Teaching is one of the best ways to deepen our own understanding and potential. To share our resources with others kindles our capacity. To become an acroyoga teacher is often a natural process starting with the love for the practice and the enthusiasm to share it with others. The AcroBhakti Teacher Training program is a fully packed toolbox designed for you who wish to immerse yourself in the craft of teaching acroyoga in a safe, fun and authentic way. 100 hours to expand both your embodiment repertoire and your teaching skills. The AcroBhakti Teacher Training gives a thorough foundation on how to lead acroyoga classes either as a solo teacher and or together with a co-teacher. And also tools and inspiration on how to lead longer workshops, retreats and festival. Beyond all this there is a great emphasis on finding your own personal intention on what acroyoga is for you and how you wish to share it with the world.

Find your alchemy

Focus is on both the embodiment & teaching of acroyoga related material. Most of all lots of lots of flying! Through theory & practice we approach the philosophy & principles of acroyoga pedagogy. We promote an autonomous and intention based teaching style aiming to bring out more of your inner teacher. To be an acroyoga teacher is not about being the greatest yogi, acrobat or bodyworker. It is about finding the alchemy between these expressions. Each teacher will have a unique way of composing this practice and the AcroBhakti Teacher Training is here to generously soak you in tools for body mind and soul. To teach with integrity you definitely need to develop various physical and pedagogical skills. And on a subtle plane let your sixth sense unfold for this interpersonal practice to reach its most synergic expression. This is an ongoing process that does not start or end with any teacher training program. Our intention is to offer an empowering boost to your path.

Reinforce the pedagogic, therapeutic & artistic

Team AcroBhakti has a creative approach to the trinity of acroyoga. With serious playfulness we interconnect yoga, acrobatics and massage respecting the different traditions in an undogmatic way. This will of course also reflect in this training and the focus will be on the whole panorama of pedagogic, therapeutic and artistic aspects and the interplay between these fields as they reinforce each other.

Excel in the art of how to learn, how to share and how to practice.
From that space you will know how to teach.


Upon finished course you will receive a diploma. This diploma certifies that you have finished 100 hs of teacher training with team AcroBhakti in the practice of acroyoga. Our recommendation for enrolling in any kind of teacher training is that you base it on interest in the course itself and not aiming for a paper. There is a big illusion around being ’certified’ in different areas of yoga and acroyoga. Truth is that what is valid is your knowledge, integrity and quality as a teacher, this comes with dedicated practice and connection with your inner teacher. Other teachers can only give you a boost on your path. So please choose the course that is aligned with the focus you wish to take, wether it is for personal development, to start your teacher path or to get new inspiration as an experienced teacher.


Embodiment repertoire:
  • acrobatic flying, flying massage
  • inversions, arm balances
  • asana, partner yoga
  • thai yoga massage

Teaching skills:
  • teacher's voice, communication, wording
  • pedagogy for different settings: groupal, privates, weekly classes, workshops, retreats, festivals
  • pedagogy for different levels: beginners, intermediate, advance and mixed level groups
  • embodiment for different levels: beg, int, adv, mixed (advance depending on the group)
  • roll as a teacher/leader/facilitator
  • being in front of people, taking space, giving space, holding space
  • co-teaching, solo teaching
  • planning process, how to improvise, layering, theme

Essential tools
  • yoga philosophy
  • warm ups, cool downs
  • icebreakers, team building, games
  • reflection, sharing
  • community building
  • business & administration

Other subjects
  • pranayama, meditation, relaxation, adjustments, humandalas, mudras
  • conscious touch, intuitive massage, healing
  • inspiration from other movement practices such as contact improvisation, martial arts, dance, street performing, circus
  • basic floor acrobatics
  • mantra, kirtan, heart songs

Pre-requisites & Suggested skills


First and foremost passion and enthusiasm to share acroyoga with others as a practitioner and teacher. Eager to develop your unique way of doing so with the support of this training. Feeling connected with the acroyoga spirit of metta, trust, playfulness, joy of movement and taking care of yourself and others in co-creation.

Experience & Skills - Guidelines

Down here we present a list of experiences and skills. It is good to have SOME of this, but not necessary to have ALL. The MORE you have the BETTER will be for you to take advantage of the training. Have in mind that this training is oriented to give tools for teaching the levels basic and intermediate. See the following as guidelines for your preparation.

General recommendations
  • Yoga: Six months yoga practice of your choice.
  • Movement: Consistent movement based practice of some sort (yoga asana, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, etc).
  • Meditation: Any meditation experience, small or big, but it has to be yours, no one else’s (can’t experience meditation from just reading about it…).
  • AcroYoga: Minimum 6 months of ongoing acroyoga practice. Minimum 30 hours in teacher lead classes. Minimum 30 hours of practice outside of class.
  • Massage: Minimum 20 hours of massage experience both as giver and receiver (Thai Yoga massage or other tradition).

Your favourite variation of sun salutation 10 (or 108?!) times and still breathing ;)
One minute free tripod headstand.
One minute handstand on the wall.
Front roll, back roll, cartwheels.

Base, fly & spot basic POSITIONS such as:
Bird, back bird, bat, star, shoulderstand, side star, folded leaf, super yogi, high flying whale.

Base, fly & spot basic TRANSITIONS such as:
Plank>throne, star>bat, back bird>star, tic tac.

Base OR fly WASHING MACHINES such as:
Barrel roll, ninja star, rotisserie.

Confident giving a 20 minutes massage session Thai Yoga style or similar.
Confident giving a 5 minutes flying massage session without the need of a spotter.

Any teaching experience is recommended, but this is something we will polish together! Yoga teaching experience is a plus but not a must. Previous experience of guiding acroyoga jams or teaching classes is very welcomed!

Send a short video (1-4 minutes) where you base, fly & spot. Don't forget the spotting!

Upcoming trainings

Mundekulla, Sweden - 2018

Retreat setting, food & housing included
Two intensive weeks: 2-15 May 2018 (100hs)


Mundekulla is located in the southeastern forest of Sweden. A place for stillness, creativity and encounters, with beautiful surroundings. The whole facility is constructed and run environmentally friendly.

Mundekulla Eco-Retreatcenter
361 95 Långasjö

Visit Mundekulla's website for tips on how to get there.

Daily schedule

Arrival day:
15.00-18.00 Arrival
18.30-19.15 Dinner
20.00-21.30 Opening

Normal day:
07:00-08:30 Morning yoga & handstands
08.30-09.15 Breakfast
10.00-13.00 Embodiment
13.15-14.00 Lunch
14:00-15.00 Break
15.00-18.00 Teaching
18.30-19.15 Dinner
20.00-21.30 Reflection / Q&A

Departure day:
07:00-08:30 Morning yoga & handstands
08.30-09.15 Breakfast
10.00-13.00 Embodiment
13.15-14.00 Lunch
14:30-16.00 Closing


The price includes the AcroBhakti Manual and 3 vegetarian meals per day and fruits after the dinner. The food is organic vegetarian locally produced. There are vegan options depending on the group.

If you pay in one transaction:
We offer 15% discount for the first 5 participants.
We offer 10% discount for the next 5 participants.
We offer 5% discount for the rest of the participants.

If you pay in parts:
We offer 5% discount if you complete the payments before 1st December 2017.
There is NO discount if you finish your payments after 1st December 2017.

Housing options:
Discounts depending on vacancy:-15%-10%-5%-0%
A) Shared dormitory in alcove with private curtain.
19550 SEK20700 SEK21850 SEK23000 SEK
B) Space in 4-bed room with private shower and bathroom.
20400 SEK21600 SEK22800 SEK24000 SEK
C) Space in double room with shared shower and bathroom.
21250 SEK22500 SEK23750 SEK25000 SEK
D) Space in double room with private shower and bathroom.
22100 SEK23400 SEK24700 SEK26000 SEK
E) Single room with private shower and bathroom.
23800 SEK25200 SEK26600 SEK28000 SEK
All prices are with 6% VAT included.
Calculate 1000 SEK ≈ € 105 ≈ US$ 120.

Scholarship / Volunteer:
We offer between 2 and 4 spaces in discounted price depending on the size of the group. The exchange is for work during the training around 40 minutes per day. The discount is 3000 SEK. If you have economical problems don't hesitate to contact us.

The vacancy of rooms and discounts is depending on the demand and follows the chronological order of the registrations after confirmation of payment. We have 16 spaces taken and 9 spaces available.
[Updated: 20.Apr.2018]

In any case, send us your application to start the process!

Cancellation policy:
More than 60 days of start the event refund total amount minus 1000 SEK of administration fee. Between 60 and 30 days refund 50% of paid amount. Less than 30 days there is no refund. Cancellation must be done writing to

Application process

  • Read all the info thoroughly.
  • In case of questions read the FAQs or write to
  • Fill out the application form and send us your picture and a link to the video.
  • You will receive our answer in less than 3 days.
  • Pay within 1 week from acceptance to the training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What distinguish the AcroBhakti style of acroyoga?
A: AcroBhakti focus on how to empower yourself and others, through the practice of acroyoga, in your own unique way. We offer our experience on how to "hold the space" and facilitate the learning process. Our aim is that you will get new inspiration, fill your toolbox and feel ready to teach! There is not any aesthetical aspiration of performing movements in a certain way. Nor are there rules of what should be included in a typical class. We see acroyoga as an opensource practice that has multifaceted expressions.

Q: I don't have all the pre-requisites... can I still join?
A: Yes. It is good to have as many as you can, but you don't have to master the complete list.

Q: I am not good at handstands... can I still join?
A: Yes. Handstands are not a mandatory pre-requisite. However we will practice handstands everyday.

Q: I am a beginner and I can barely complete the pre-requisites... can I still join?
A: Maybe. We believe there are many roads leading to the same. If you are an experienced mover we say go for it. If you don't even know where your toes are, we say go find them first.

Q: I am not a certified yoga teacher... can I still join?
A: Yes. You don't need to be a yoga teacher to join this training. We will cover the basic elements of yoga and how it gives foundation to the practice.

Q: Do I need a certificate to teach acroyoga?
A: No. There is no need for any kind of certification for teaching acroyoga. You are free to teach acroyoga right now if that's what you want :)

Q: Can I teach acroyoga and call it "acroyoga"? ...or should I call it something else?
A: You are free to use the name "acroyoga", but you are not free to use the logos from the different schools without granted permission.

Q: Am I going to obtain a certificate when finishing?
A: Yes. We are giving a diploma that certifies your participation in this training. But it is always good to remember that qualification and networking is more important than certification.

Q: Am I going to be a qualified teacher after this two weeks of training?
A: It takes many years to become a qualified teacher. To start out you need at least a basic toolbox and to feel ready. Through teaching a lot you will learn, from your students, how to be a great teacher. This training is a two weeks long chance to fill your toolbox with new tools and polish the once you already have in there.

Q: Am I going to learn all the new washing machines?
A: No. We will cover lots of material including new and old washing machines. However, this training is not a "washing machine boot camp". It is a teaching boot camp! The focus of the AcroBhakti teacher training is how to share and teach acroyoga in a safe and authentic way.

Q: I have zero experience with thai massage. Am I going to learn how to give a session?
A: Maybe. We will cover the basic principles of thai massage and everything you need to include it in acroyoga classes. If you want to specialize in thai massage we recommend you to take a thai massage training.

Q: How big is the group?
A: Minimum 10 participants, maximum 25.

Q: Is the AcroBhakti teacher training drug free?
A: Yes. This training is drug-,and alcohol-free. Smoking is accepted in designated areas. We do accept chocolate ;)

For other questions write to


"This training really will blow your mind, your heart and your soul! You will learn so much more than "AcroYoga", which is hardly to describe in words. This teacher training is really living Bhakti Power!"
- Andreas Jakubik

"Empowering, authentic, inspiring, funny, a memory for your lifetime!"
- Isabella Bockarovski

"DO IT! Even if you never run a class it is worth it for the experience... It will take your practice to a higher level because you will appreciate yourself (limits, qualities & skills) more. This training would make an excellent framework which could be adapted to any physical type teacher."
- Bob Turley

"Magical. Amazing atmosphere, so much knowledge and sharing. Loved it!"
- Karen Elise Amriati-Løvås

"Una propuesta amorosa, técnicamente impecable, con el acento puesto en sus valores principalmente de empoderamiento e inclusión. Con posibilidad de ser creativos y donde nada esta todo dicho todos podemos aportar al crecimiento del acroyoga."
- Mónica Nolting

"Es un profesorado integral, holístico, con mucha preparación física, fundamentos de acrobacias e invertidas, pero con mucho estimulo a la creatividad, creación e improvisación, mucha música y expresión, canto de mantras y kirtans, teoría y fundamentos básicos del yoga, meditación a la mañana, en un lugar increíble, con la montaña al lado, hermoso hermoso hermoso!"
- Joaquina Sanguinetti

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