Handstand workshop: find balance & press, repeat / Copenhagen

Handstand level 1: find balance & press, repeat!

19th of May / 2016 • Copenhagen - Denmark

Welcome to the inverted world !

This workshop is oriented to everyone who wants to start or is already practising handstands: yogis, dancers, acrobats, crossfit, performers, or any type of movement lover :) Write to boris@acrobhakti.com if you are not sure about joining.

The goal is to give the tools to polish more and more the balance. Also to offer a repertoire of exercises for the straddle press up into handstand. Strength ? Core ? Endurance ? ..ohh yes! The time of this workshop will be distributed between practice and theory.

The level is BASIC & INTERMEDIATE, but advanced practitioners are welcome to join and have fun repeating fundamental exercises, which are always hard and with infinite possibilities for refinement. Come and try ;)

19th of May / 19.00-21.30
Come always 20 minutes before so we are all ready to start in time ;)

Sundbyøster Hallen (second floor)
Parmagade 4, Copenhagen

--- Payments in DKK ---
• 210 DKK using MobilePay to 50284040 (Kasper)
• 250 DKK paying the same day or in cash
• 50 DKK discount for students or if you took other previous workshop with Boris
--- Payments in SEK ---
• 250 SEK paying to BG: 5035-1923 or Swish: 0730-882228
• 300 SEK paying the same day or in cash
• 50 SEK discount for students or if you took other previous workshop with Boris
--- Please let me know if you need economic help to join this workshop ---


We need a group of minimum 8 persons. If we don't reach that the workshop will be cancelled and the payment refund.

Yoga mat, water bottle, comfortable clothing for movement, lots of energy and super positive attitude.

Boris have been doing acrobatics since 1996 (20 years!!) in the form of sports acrobatics, circus & acroyoga. With background in kung-fu and yoga he blends these ancient knowledges with the techniques giving a philosophical and practical perspective. Sense of humour ? guaranteed !

Kasper has had his love affair with Acroyoga for two years now and yoga has been in his life for the last 10 years blended with lots of dance and climbing. His focus is presence in movement and experimenting with this in togetherness.

¡ uʍop ǝpısdn noʎ ǝǝS

Boris & Kasper

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