Terminskurser VT 2016 / Malmö

Malmö Vårterminen 2016

Schema in Malmö Jan-May 2016

Cronograma en Malmö Ene-May 2016

- AcroYoga Focus Workshops VT 2016

- AcroYoga Weekly Classes

- Kirtan Time

AcroYoga Focus Workshops VT 2016

In all the workshops we will divide the techniques for basic and experienced. The techniques will be different in each workshop, and it is no necessary to come to all workshops.

The whole spectrum of the practice between solar & lunar.
Asanas, Handstands, Acrobatic Flying, Flows, Washing Machines, Flying Massage, Massage.

For whom?
This workshops are for everyone who want to get deep into details and want a boost for the personal practice.

Ungdomens Hus
Torpgatan 21, Sal 11, Malmö

Early Bird: 350 SEK / 300 SEK student or low income
Regular: 450 SEK / 380 SEK student or low income
Taking all four workshops: 1200 SEK total / same for student or low income
The spaces are limited, so book your place now!

Early bird dates (for different prices)
• 31 January ➔ Early bird on 14 January
• 28 February ➔ Early bird on 11 February
• 27 March ➔ Early bird on 10 March
• 8 May ➔ Early bird on 21 April

Pay your space via tickster.com

Cancellation policy
Participants who cancel up to 15 days before the workshop starts regain the full amount subtracting an administration fee of 100 SEK. After that there is no refund. Cancellation must be done writing to info@acrobhakti.com.

To bring
- Yoga mat (we have few, but not for everyone)
- Water bottle
- Blanket (if you want to be extra comfortable for the thai massage)
- Comfortable training clothing

Specific suggested focus on each date

❥ 31 January / 12:00-16:00
Basic: Basic positions & transitions such as Plank, Bird, Bow, Child, Throne, Back Bird
Intermediate: Tic Tacs, Baby Ninja, Barrel Roll
Advanced: Whirly Gig, Rev.Compass, Meteor, Dust Buster, Rebirth, Basym
Everyone: Handstand training & spotting, thai massage & flying massage

❥ 28 February / 12:00-16:00
Basic: Basic positions & transitions such as Scissor, Standing on shins, Flamingo, Nataraj
Intermediate: Ninja Star, Barrel Roll, Rainbow
Advanced: Blender, Spinderella, Corn on the cob, Naked Singularity, Rubik’s cube, Shadow Roll, Pommel Horse
Everyone: Handstand training & spotting, thai massage & flying massage

❥ 27 March / 12:00-16:00
Basic: Basic positions & transitions such as Star, Straddle Bat, Cartwheel mount
Intermediate: Prasarita, Spider Roll
Advanced: Compass (London Spin), Dutchie, Boomerang, Pizza, Sthrone, Dee Tee Tea
Everyone: Handstand training & spotting, thai massage & flying massage

❥ 8 May / 12:00-16:00
Basic: Basic positions & transitions such as Side plank, Rev.Throne, Leaps, Ninja Throne
Intermediate: Maple seed, Rotisserie
Advanced: Squirrel Roll, Piston, Hold the Throne, Rotor, Nunchakus, Helicopter 1 & 2
Everyone: Handstand training & spotting, thai massage & flying massage

Note: The program of each workshop may change depending on the needs of the group.

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AcroYoga Weekly Classes

Have you just started with this eminent practice? Or have you been training for a while and want to hone and update your skills? This course will provide the whole spectrum of the practice. We will adapt the classes according to the level of the group. We explore both the acrobatic part, called Solar, and the therapeutic section called Lunar. You get the opportunity to connect with yourself, with others, and together we create a space of playfulness, communication, trust and community.

No partner needed.
No experience needed.

Level: Basic & Intermediate
Days: Mondays 18.00-20.00

Total 12 classes: Notice the breaks!
1/2, 8/2, 15/2, 29/2, 7/3, 14/3, 21/3, 4/4, 11/4, 18/4, 2/5, 9/5
Starting: 1 February

For this course there will be a teacher-team!
Stina Stomby, Juila Sällström, Boris Acro, Nina Bella.

Tryckeriet - Kulturhus och Café
Rolfsgatan 7
214 34 Malmö

1350:- for full course (12 classes)
150:- drop in

For sign up and questions send an email to info@stinamaste.se
When signing up I'll need some info from you:
- Personal number
- Full name
- Adress

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Kirtan är mantrasång i grupp. En form av Bhakti Yoga som är hängivelsens och hjärtats yoga. Bhakti är ett inre tillstånd av kärlek och medkänsla, framförallt en upplevelse bortom ord.

Vi delar enkla sånger tillsammans i ring. Ofta traditionella mantran på sanskrit men även andra inslag från olika traditioner, nya som gamla, som alla har samma gemensamma nämnare. Enkla, fina sånger att dela tillsammans med andra i en slags meditation med röst, rytm och ibland även rörelse i fokus.

Ta gärna med instrument av alla slag; shakers, tamburiner, trummor, gitarrer...

Dag & Tid
kl 18.00-19.30
31 January
28 February
27 March
8 May

Yoga Kendra - Friisgatan 6C, Malmö

Fri donation mellan 50kr och 200kr.
80% går till ett barnhem i Buenos Aires, Argentina (se mer info här)

Nina & Boris
♥☀✈ @title1: "Focus Workshop"; @city: "Malmö"; @country: "Sweden"; @date: "2016.01.31"; @dateLong: "31 of January / 2016"; @dateShort: "31.Jan.2016"; @href: "http://www.acrobhakti.com/2015/05/terminskurser-ht-2015-malmo.html#focus"; @tag: "ws"; @title1: "Focus Workshop"; @city: "Malmö"; @country: "Sweden"; @date: "2016.02.28"; @dateLong: "28 of February / 2016"; @dateShort: "28.Feb.2016"; @href: "http://www.acrobhakti.com/2015/05/terminskurser-ht-2015-malmo.html#focus"; @tag: "ws"; @title1: "Focus Workshop"; @city: "Malmö"; @country: "Sweden"; @date: "2016.03.27"; @dateLong: "27 of March / 2016"; @dateShort: "27.Mar.2016"; @href: "http://www.acrobhakti.com/2015/05/terminskurser-ht-2015-malmo.html#focus"; @tag: "ws"; @title1: "Focus Workshop"; @city: "Malmö"; @country: "Sweden"; @date: "2016.05.08"; @dateLong: "8 of May / 2016"; @dateShort: "8.May.2016"; @href: "http://www.acrobhakti.com/2015/05/terminskurser-ht-2015-malmo.html#focus"; @tag: "ws"; @title1: "Kirtan Time"; @city: "Malmö"; @country: "Sweden"; @date: "2016.02.01"; @dateLong: "31 of January / 2016"; @dateShort: "31.Jan.2016"; @href: "http://www.acrobhakti.com/2015/05/terminskurser-ht-2015-malmo.html#kirtan"; @tag: "kirtan"; @title1: "Kirtan Time"; @city: "Malmö"; @country: "Sweden"; @date: "2016.03.01"; @dateLong: "28 of February / 2016"; @dateShort: "28.Feb.2016"; @href: "http://www.acrobhakti.com/2015/05/terminskurser-ht-2015-malmo.html#kirtan"; @tag: "kirtan"; @title1: "Kirtan Time"; @city: "Malmö"; @country: "Sweden"; @date: "2016.03.28"; @dateLong: "27 of March / 2016"; @dateShort: "27.Mar.2016"; @href: "http://www.acrobhakti.com/2015/05/terminskurser-ht-2015-malmo.html#kirtan"; @tag: "kirtan"; @title1: "Kirtan Time"; @city: "Malmö"; @country: "Sweden"; @date: "2016.05.09"; @dateLong: "8 of May / 2016"; @dateShort: "8.May.2016"; @href: "http://www.acrobhakti.com/2015/05/terminskurser-ht-2015-malmo.html#kirtan"; @tag: "kirtan";