AcroYoga Workshop / Ronneby

AcroYoga Workshop

9 of August / 2015 • Ronneby - Sweden

Together we will dive into a full day of AcroYoga, play and music! Come join us for the full day or only one session. Save the date!

1- AcroYoga Beginners Intro - 10:30-13:30
First time trying AcroYoga ? Only few weeks of practice and want to review the foundations ? Workshop ideal for people that want to start with this practice in a structured way. No prerequisites needed. No partner needed. Everyone is welcome !

2- AcroYoga Transitions & Flow - 15:00-18:00
Connect the basic positions with smooth transitions. Find the feeling of flowing while flying longer sequences. Only for people that takes the beginners intro or people with more than 2 months of practice. No partner needed.

3- Jam ! - 18:00-19:30 (On Donation to cover the expenses)
Come and play :) :) This is the moment when you can repeat repeat repeat exactly what you want ! Open to everyone with some basic experience.

4- Kirtan - 19:30-21:00 (On Donation to cover the expenses)
Let's get together and sing ! Seated in a circle, sharing simple mantras and heartsongs. Everyone is welcome !

Early Bird Register Before 1/8
One session: 350 SEK
Two sessions: 600 SEK

Regular Price Register After 1/8
One session: 400 SEK
Two sessions: 700 SEK

Sign up
Email and pay the fee to BG 284-4900

Sofie & Boris

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