Fun Fast Spining / Stockholm

AcroYoga Workshop

Fun Fast Spinning Washing Machines

24-25 of October / 2015 • Stockholm - Sweden

Great basing comes from intelligent footwork and skilled foot placement. Great flying comes from keeping the shape and moving through space with body awareness. This workshop will teach you these skills and move you through fast & fun spinning washing machines.


The level is intermediate-advanced, know how to base or fly ninja star, free star & shoulderstand. If you are intermediate you will have some challenges! ..and if you are advanced you will have the tools to polish every corner of your washing machines.


The techniques we go through will make a great range of washing machines possible, including some “classics”. We will listen in and adapt to find perfect fit between material and group level. But the possibilities on the washing machine-menu are almost endless... We hope you bring a good apetite!

Barrel Roll, Blender, Baby Ninja, Ninja Star, Rotor, Spinderela, Nunchakus, Rotisserie, Compass, Rev.Compass, Rainbow, Corkscrew, Boomerang, Meteor, Dutchie, Squirrel Roll, Piston, Carousel, Rev.Carousel, Whirly Gig, Hold the Throne, Shadow Roll, Rubik's Cube, Helicopter, Monkey Frog, Maple Seed, Slingshot, Trap Door, Infinite Loop, Fortune's Wheel (Catherine’s), Free Fortune's Wheel, Rev.Fortune's Wheel, Spider Roll, Rev.Spider Roll, Twister, Dust Buster, Tangled Web, Prasarita 360.


Hip Spins (Everything about the Side Star)
Saturday 24.Oct / 10:00-13:00

Hip and Shoulder Spins (Shifting between Side Star & Star)
Saturday 24.Oct / 14:00-17:00

Thrones & Stars (Long weight transfers while moving the center of gravity)
Sunday 25.Oct / 10:00-13:00

Combos ! (Combined washing machines while keeping the tempo)
Sunday 25.Oct / 14:00-17:00

Only one day: 750 SEK
Full workshop: 1000 SEK (paying before 1.Oct) / 1250 SEK (paying after)

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Payment goes to Handelsbanken:
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Kontonummer: 928 613 518

You can also swish the money to +46704973079

Kat & Boris

Welcome !
Boris & Katarina

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