AcroYoga Workshop / Perstorp

AcroYoga Workshop

24 of May / 2015 • Perstorp - Sweden

AcroYoga Workshop
AcroYoga is an integration of yoga, acrobatics and healing arts. A practice that cultivates trust, playfulness and community. At the same time a modern style as a tribute to ancient traditions. With its rich origins and creative nature the possibilities are infinite. From the more introspective, healing and listening to the more extroverted, expressive and joyful. AcroYoga is an interpersonal type of yoga where we leave our own mat and practice together with others.

Come as you are, no yoga experience needed and no partner necessary. We work together in different group constellations and also in a circle with everyone present. Everything with a methodical approach creating a process that is safe, fun and accessible.

* This workshop is open level. 
* You can come as a beginner or with experience. 
* The focus will be on exploring together and finding challenges for each participant.

Date & Time
Sunday 24 May
14:00 - 17:30
(fritt utrymme till 19.00)

Perstorps Budolokal. Torget 1 A

Early bird fram till 14/5:
1 person 350kr. Par 600kr
300 kr för studerande/ arbetslös.
175kr för ungdom - 14-18 år
Åldersgräns 14 år

Efter den 14/5 kostar det:
1 person 450kr. Par 800kr
380kr för studerande / arbetslös
225kr för ungdom 14-18 år
Åldersgräns 14 år

Bekräfta din anmälan med ett mail
Betala via Swish 0701-176960
eller gör överföring till Bankkonto:
56202926279 (SEB)
OBS! Ej betalgiro.
Märk med ditt Namn samt Acro.
Betalning kontant på plats är också möjligt men inte till early-bird-pris.

Boris & Nina invite to serious playfulness and full presence. With their warmhearted pedagogy they make everyone feel included and rise to their own potential. Their diverse backgrounds spans from yoga, dance and kung fu to circus and theatre and they share a deep interest in movement and creativity with a life affirming attitude. On that path they found AcroYoga and got certified as teachers Level 1 and Level 2. Boris & Nina teach and perform together and are passionated about sharing the bliss of AcroYoga wherever they put their feet.

Nina & Boris

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