Joy Yoga / Oslo

AcroYoga Workshops

25-27 of September / 2015 • Oslo - Norway

Friday 25:
18-21 - AcroYoga - Learn to Fly
- Basic level

Saturday 26:
14-17 - AcroYoga - Feel the Flow
- Some experience / open level, minimum req. class on Friday

Sunday 27:
10-13 - AcroYoga - Transition Time
- Not for complete beginners / minimum req. classes on saturday or similar experience

15-18 - AcroYoga - Bhakti Flight
- Open level

ACROYOGA (general)
AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts, for example thai massage which is a meditation on 'Metta' meaning just loving kindness. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. With its rich origins and creative nature the possibilities are infinite. From the more introspective, healing and listening to the more extroverted, expressive and playful. The most important is a warm hearted yogic pedagogy where everybody can join the fun!

Learn the basics of AcroYoga flight. Inversions, partner acrobatics and lots of fun as we elevate and empower each other to new heights. No experience required, no partner needed.

Dive further into the flow of movement and moment. We learn a sequence and as it takes shape we will also try some vinyasa flying where we all synchronise and flow together. Some experience is good to have or minimum requirement friday ’learn to fly’ class.

Come to be challenged with more tricky transitions of AcroYoga flight. Minimum experience required saturday ’feel the flow’ class or minimum 15 hours of AcroYoga practice.

Acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage in a playful and healing way. We let trust, playfulness and connection become our guiding principles. Fly with open wings and sing your hearts mantra. Together we turn acrobatics into poetry of sacred geometry. Ending with yummy Thaimassage where we cultivate compassionate touch and loving kindness.

No experience required, no partner needed.

Boris & Nina are certified Yoga and AcroYoga teachers that invites to serious playfulness and full presence. With their warm-hearted pedagogy they create a welcoming atmosphere. Boris and Nina combine their diverse backgrounds from yoga, dance, circus and kung fu and find their common denominator in movement and creativity with a life-affirming attitude. On that path they found AcroYoga and got certified as teachers in level 1 and level 2. Boris & Nina teach and perform together and are passionated about sharing the bliss of AcroYoga wherever they put their feet.

1500 NOK for the whole weekend.
500 NOK pr single class.


Nina & Boris
Certified AcroYoga Teachers
Certifierade AcroYoga Lärare
Profesores certificados de AcroYoga

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