AcroYoga Workshops & Master Class / Umeå

AcroYoga Workshops

10-11 of January / 2015 • Umeå - Sweden

More AcroYoga in the north of Sweden :)
AcroYoga Nybörjarintro, Transitions, Flow, Master Class !

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1- AcroYoga Nybörjarintro - Lördag 10 jan - 10:00-13:00
First time trying AcroYoga ? Only few weeks of practice and want to review the foundations ? Workshop ideal for people that want to start with this practice in a structured way. No prerequisites needed. No partner needed. Everyone is welcome !

2- AcroYoga Transitions - Lördag 10 jan - 15:00-18:00
Connect the basic positions with smooth transitions. Only for people that takes the Nybörjarintro or people with more than 1 month of practice. No partner needed.

3- AcroYoga Flow - Söndag 11 jan - 10:00-13:00
Find the feeling of flowing while flying longer sequences. Repetition is the key for mastering the practice. Only for people that takes the Transitions workshop or with more than 2 months of practice. No partner needed.

4- AcroYoga Master Class - Söndag 11 jan - 14:30-17:30
The treasures are hidden but there is always a map to find the gold. Come and find the missing link to get your "X" AcroYoga move. For everyone that takes the other sessions or people with some experience. No partner needed.

Fysikgränd 23
Umeå, Sweden

The price varies depending on the amount of sessions and if you are member of the studio or not (25% extra for none members). Not member of the studio yet ? write to them now !

1 session300 SEK375 SEK
2 sessions500 SEK625 SEK
3 sessions750 SEK940 SEK
4 sessions900 SEK1125 SEK

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Nina & Boris
Certified AcroYoga Teachers
Certifierade AcroYoga Lärare
Profesores certificados de AcroYoga

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