Celebrate Life Festival 2014 / Ängsbacka

Celebrate Life Festival

12-18 of July / 2014 • Ängsbacka - Sweden

Let's come together to embrace and enjoy all sides of life – stillness, connection, challenge, holyness and expansion. At festival time Ängsbacka’s garden is a magic dreamland where children run freely and play, where people drum and dance, enjoy nourishing vegetarian food on blankets in the grass and have heartful and mindful conversations.

Celebrate Life! is an invitation to dance, breathe, flow and transform. Inspiring workshops, creative happenings, still meditations and held spaces where you can share your heart – it all adds to the MAGIC of being together! Welcome to Celebrate Life! – in both its ecstatic intensity and humble everydayness.

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Nina & Boris
Certified AcroYoga Teachers
Certifierade AcroYoga Lärare
Profesores certificados de AcroYoga

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