Lunar Immersion / Stockholm

AcroYoga Lunar Immersion

17-21 of April / 2013 • Stockholm - Sweden

with Pau, Nina & Boris

Timmermansgatan 10
Stockholm, 11825

Come play with us and dive into the huge universe of Thai Massage and Therapeutic Flying. Nina, Boris and Pau will guide you to be able to give and recive, fly and be flown, feel and touch, share and play. This immersion is the opportunity to go deeper into the Lunar aspect of AcroYoga.
For questions and registration contact Gabriella (she will also be assisting the course!)

Register before March 17 and enjoy the early bird price!
Day 1: 1000 SEK
Days 1 & 2: 1800 SEK
Full 5 Days pre-reg: 3500 SEK early bird!
Full 5 Days post-reg: 4100 SEK

Daily schedule:

This event fulfills a pre-requisite for AcroYoga teacher training application.
Attend with a copy of the AcroYoga Manual available in the Online Store.

More info:

Pau, Nina & Boris
Certified AcroYoga Teachers

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