AcroYoga Pop Up / Copenhagen

AcroYoga Pop Up Class

4 of August / 2012 • Copenhagen - Denmark

with Boris & Nina in connection for Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2012 !

Come warm up for the Copenhagen Yoga Festival with Nina & Boris, certified AcroYoga teachers.
We invite to an open Level AcroYoga class with fun for everyone. No experience needed, no partner necessary just bring a mat and a friend or find one here ;)

Saturday August 4 / 2012 at 4-6pm

Skydebanehaven, Vesterbro, Copenhagen
Copenhagen / Denmark
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Donation according to what you have and what the class is worth to you.
All donation goes to the children of 'Fundación COR' in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Read more about this initiative between the local AcroYogis and the children below:

AcroYogis extending out:
A beautiful way to transcend our AcroYoga practice is extend it to children, and even more if the children are suffering any kind if shortage. The AcroYoga community in Buenos Aires is collaborating with 'Fundación COR' which since 19 years ago hosts children with HIV so they can have an opportunity to live a normal life. Some time ago the organization needed to extend the help to children with different diseases and also children who suffer domestic violence. Our goal is to show them how through this practice we can learn to have relationships with others in a loving way, accepting all as we are, listening and taking care of each other, planting the seeds of loving kindness (metta) and compassion (karuna). We saw the results after the classes with the children. Example: Martin (8 years old), he was a trouble maker, fighting with the group ..and after a few classes, when he sees us coming he runs to us to give a hug and says: "now i'm gonna give you massage!" ..and he places his small hands on our shoulders… pure sweetness!. This year we extended our activities with them and we play football in a "proper" football field, some reggaeton dance classes, museums, and other cultural activities, and as always, the first Thursday of every month we continue the jam in the park making them fly by the shoreline of San Isidro, Buenos Aires.
- Diana May / Buenos Aires / April 2012 -

** The money we raise will be used completely for the activities with the children **

More about Fundación COR:

More about AcroYoga:

More about Copenhagen Yoga Festival:

Nina & Boris
Cerified AcroYoga Teachers

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