2011.10.29-30 AcroYoga Emeryville Acro Demons Halloween

29-30 October / 2011 - Emeryville - Oakland - USA
Flying Transitions for Acro-Demons

Flying Transitions for Acro-Demons
with Nina and Boris

October 29th & 30th, 3-6pm

Bring your broomsticks, your magic carpets, and your black angel wings for this high flying odyssey through the austral plane! In this workshop we will learn how to spin in three directions, pop down from foot to foot, and flip from front bird to back bird, among other exhilarating moves. All of this will be part of a short acrobatic sequence, allowing us to take our time with each element as well as practicing in continuous flow. The main focus will be the London Spin (a horizontal washing machine), which we approach step-by-step with variations and progressions. With helpful details we continue the search for maximum foot intelligence and a smooth, continuous spinning movement. Explore your Acro-Demon!

Price: $110
Drop in: $65/day

- Minimum 6 months of AcroYoga experience
- Can base or fly side star, back plank, low foot to hand; have familiarity with advanced transitions
- Flyers: Comfortable with being upside down and all around
- Bases: High level foot intelligence (if not so already, after this workshop your feet with develop brains of their own...)
- Spotters: Ready to spot your ass off!
- Flight friendly costumes welcome!

Nina and Boris are certified AcroYoga teachers inviting to serious playfulness, mindful concentration and pure presence. Coming from two opposite sides of the planet, Boris from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Nina from the north of Sweden, miraculously they met in 2006. Their shared passion is to share this community based practice with the world. They mix their different backgrounds from yoga (mainly Satyananda Yoga), dance, circus and Kung Fu. In that path they found the AcroYoga practice and in 2010 they completed the AcroYoga teacher training with Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer Klein (www.acroyoga.org). They have also completed a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with David Lurey certified by the Yoga Alliance (www.findbalance.net).

Nina & Boris
Certified AcroYoga Teachers
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